We’re SUAV

SUAV is the soul project of a couple of rather casual fashionista yogis (we know, two terms you’ve probably never seen or heard together). By that we mean that we practice yoga and we care about fashion.

In search of a way of keeping ourselves in spiritual and physical shape, like many others, we found yoga and got in love with it. However, we were not so happy with the available yoga apparel.

Furthermore, looking into the tradition of yoga practice outfits, we found out that it requires breathable, comfortable, loose clothing.

So, here comes SUAV, the first and only Romanian yoga wear brand (so far).

Our clothes are comfortable enough for yoga practice (or Pilates, or dance, or whatever activity you’re into) and nice enough for street wear. So, don’t be fooled by the cool design: they’re seriously tested for any asana.

They’re made locally, with great attention to details. We use soft, natural fabrics that are easy to care.

We hope you'll feel as good wearing our clothes as we did while making them.

We like to consider our brand and products as a permanent work-in-progress, so we’d love to hear your thoughts and thus make them better.

Thanks for coming by.